Pogamut Cup 2015

Pogamut Cup is a tournament between bots that compete in Unreal Tournament 2004 game and its 1v1 DeathMatch mode.

The tournament is opened for everybody, anyone can submit their own bot to the tournament. Creating a bot for UT2004 (in Java) is very easy thanks to the Pogamut platform.

AI clash in UT2004 will happen during a live event as a part of Festival Fantazie at 4.7.2015 and duels are going to be professionally commented by members of Infantry clan.

Humans-vs-Best-AIs exhibition will be organized at the end of the day. The deadline for code submissions and registration is 1.7.2015.

Join us and code next best deathmatch AI!

We’re preparing cool prizes for you!

Keep in touch with us via Google Groups, Twitter @PogamutCup or Facebook

Even though an older game, we provide you with an access to standard AI tools and information like level geometry and NavMesh!