Game Arts @ FAMU

FAMU doesn´t have a departement specialized primarily on making and reflecting computer games, but it is a medium interesting for many of our students (mainly from the departments of animation, production, screenwriting and audiovisual studies) and we have some courses devoted to them fully or at least partly. Our teachers and students investigate possibilities of games mainly as a new artistic medium.


Currently we are teaching those courses connected with computer games (but some of these courses are not taught every year):


373IPC1 Interaktivita a physical computing

373ITT1 Intermediální tvorba a technologie

373ONN1 Otevřená narace v prostředí technologických inovací

373PDN1 Pentium dějin audiovize: Dějiny nových médií

305PEZ Produkce virtuální tvorby

373SAVA Seminář audiovizuální analýzy

373UPH Umění počítačových her

373SPH Seminář o počítačových hrách


As a school devoted primarily to the preparation of the future artists working in television and film industry we have many courses that could be potentially useful also for students who want to work in the game developement and distribution – courses of scriptwriting, PR, sound dramaturgy, history of visual arts etc.