Higher-ed Programmes for Careers in Game Design & Development (2019-2022)
GAMEHIGHED connects four universities and a game industry association in a 3-year project to develop innovative teaching programmes, open edu-resources [OER] and recommendations for higher education leading to game dev careers. Funded under Erasmus+, this is a Strategic Partnership with five Partners:

The primary mission is to release a set of Intellectual Outputs (as they are called in Erasmus+) under open licenses, free-to-use for non-commercial and commercial purposes.

O1 – GAMEHIGHED Initial Report outlining the situation of game-focused higher-ed in the four countries


O2 – model BA curriculum for Game Design & Development

O3 – OERs supporting O2 (syllabi, lesson plans, etc.)

O4 – model MA curriculum for Game Research & Development

O5 – OERs supporting O4

O6 – GAMEHIGHED Curriculum Framework: game-focused curriculum design tool

O8 – Game Jam Handbook: handbook on the organisation of game jams as educational tools

O9 – Game Jam Workshop: framework and materials for pre-game jam workshops

O10 – GAMEHIGHED Companion: set of final conclusions, guidelines and recommendations

The project also funds 4 mutual study visits to Partner universities, 6 long-term exchanges of teaching staff, and 6 multiplier events disseminating the project outputs across the four countries.

A longer description is available on E+ Project Results Platform, which will officially publish all outputs  at the end of the project. In the meantime, early-release versions of O1 to O9 will be published here and on other Partners’ websites, with all interested edu-institutions and other stakeholders invited to collaboration.


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