Game Projects


Spring is a beautiful point-and-click adventure with own esthetics. It consists of several locations in space and time where things done in one of them affects the others in the future. YouTube - Gameplay

Language: English

Team: Anna Neumanová (artist, FDULS ZČU), Jozef Lelič (programmer, MFF UK), Pavel Šmejkal (programmer, MFF UK), Uršula Žákovská (programmer, 2D animator, MFF UK)

Year: 2016

Time Lapsus

Classic point-and-ckick adventure with beautiful graphics reminding you of Machinarium and joke at every screen. Help building a bridge and acquire a holy grail using time and space machinations!

Language: Czech

Team: Pavel Halbich (programmer, MFF UK), Martin Kozma (programmer, MFF UK), Pavel Liška (artist, FDULS ZČU)

Year: 2015


The MagicSim game is meant for children 5-8 who wants to improve voice-direction coordination. The player is navigated through the environment with human voice by directing the player on cross-roads (left, forward, right).

Language: Slovak

Team: Jan Baláž (programmer), Ondrej Javora (graphics), Lenak Zemančíková (designer)

Year: 2014

On the Edge (notAdota)

On the Edge is a MOBA game where you command your hero-robot and combat up-to other 15 players. Robot customization has pretty decent depth and the game is fun to try&play.

Language: English

Team: Petr Mácha, Michal Wirth, Pavel Pilař, Josef Pelant

Year: 2013


DreadSide is an arena-survival game where you try to fend of sci-fi enemies with multiple weapons.

Language: English

Team: Pavel Kupka, Petr Křemen, David Futschik

Year: 2013

The Cell

The Cell is an experimental game where you play as an organism that tries to float through the maze by adding or removing various types of cell into your body.

Language: English

Team: Peter Hrinčár (programming), Peter Hlísta (programming), Anna Pačesová (graphics, design), Lucie Vinická (graphics, design)

Year: 2013

Magic Dance Dance Carpet

Another great experimental game where you're flying a magic carpet by DDR pad. Your objective is to deliver various items to various characters within the world.

Language: English

Team: Jakub Janovský, Jiří Maha, Filip Bártek, Margarita Vishnyakova, Jan Drška

Year: 2012

Before the Law

Point-and-click adventure that reminds you of Kafka's work. You are summoned to the Law for no obvious reason. But when you try to exercise your rights by proving you have done nothing wrong, you are stopped by no other then doorkeeper, who prevents you from entering the Law ... again for no obvious reason.

Language: English

Team: Martin Černý (programming), Dominika Lippertová (graphics), Pavlína Vimmrová (scripting), Matěj Morávek (voice actor), Karel Kratochvíl (voice actor), Martin Linda (music and sound), Radek Čábela (production)

Year: 2011

Steering Game

Steering Game project belongs to the serious games category as it let you learn about steerings, how they work and what they are good for.

Language: English

Team: Markéta Tomková (programming), Jakub Tomek (programming) and Jakub Jirka (design)

Year: 2011