PogamutCup 2015 is Over!

And the winner is HolBot (by Aleš Žurek)! Congrats and thanks to all participants! You can read full report about the event including some thoughts about bots.

PogamutCup 2015 is Tomorrow!

PogamutCup 2015 is tomorrow 4.7.2015, we start at 10:00. Keep in touch via Twitter! Or, if you’re attending Festival Fantazie in Chotěboř, meet us there and say hello! We have custom 3D character printed for the winner!

GameDev Talks #1 – Presentations & Photos

There were about 30 people who attended GDT-1,wow! Thank you all for participating on the event, especially presenters. Next GDT-2 will (probably) be organized in December (may be October). There are some photos at the GDT-1 page and the most important there are also respective presentations.


Phew, we finally have the first version done. A lot of work must have been done before this modest site was set up. Introducing game development into formal curricula at Charles University in Prague and several other nearby universities is part of our work. It all began several years ago when Cyril and Martin (later also joined by Otakar) got an idea to create a game development course at Charles University’s Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. The idea caught on quickly and even received support from the European Social Fund (ESF) and Prague City Hall. Thus, the first course on computer game development was born. Originally, students from Charles University’s Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Faculty of Arts attended the courses, but the list has since grown longer. The next step was to create a formal GameDev curriculum at the Math&Phys Faculty. We succeeded in doing so last year and a new master’s degree study program in “Computer Graphics and Computer Games Development” will open during the 2015/2016 academic year.

But we hope that this site won’t server for Game Programming only. There is more to come! For instance, Vítek is preparing courses on Game Design at StuNoMe. We would like to offer joint courses at different faculties that students from different universities can attend. This will have several benefits. First, students that wish to study GameDev won’t be limited solely based on the school at which they have chosen to study. Second, high-profile guests and experts from the gaming industry and their peers can assemble in one place. Finally, we will be able to offer courses that students from different disciplines can attend simultaneously (i.e. design, art, programming, music, etc.). This is more than desirable in the GameDev field, because game projects are inherently interdisciplinary.

So here we are: if you are a student seeking to enroll in GameDev courses, feel free to browse the site. If you are a university professor, who wishes to join the program, mail us! Hope to hear from you soon!