GameDev Talks #1

What it takes to create a game?

Come and hear various gamedevs to talk about professional game development! The event will take place at 15.5.2015, 17:20 at MFF UK, room S5. GameDev Talks is the first event of its series that are going to take place at MFF UK; it will be organized semi-regularly once an academic term.

There will be a panel discussion with all developers, so you can ask them whatever you want and if you prefer more informal settings, you can talk with them during afterparty in a near pub.


Martin Kolombo on GameDev Team Management
— Senior Game Designer, Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Milena Koljenšič on Importance of Storytelling in Games (Casual vs. Hardcore)
— Creative Designer, Gamajun Games

Andrej Sinkevič on Sound Design in Games
— Sound Designer, Bohemia Interactive

Jakub Gemrot on GameDev Curriculum @ MFF UK
— GameDev Lecturer MFF UK

Mariabeth Aquino on Collaboration among Game Developers in Central Europe
— Chairwoman of Games Austria


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