Adaptive Music and Interactive Audio (Winter 2019/20)


This page contains materials for the Adaptive Music and Interactive Audio (NCGD009) course that is/has been taught during winter term of 2019/2020 at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The course is/was backed up by Adam Sporka (adam dot j dot sporka at gmail dot com).


Lectures – Tuesdays 10.30–12.10, SW1
Seminars / Labs – Tuesdays 12.20–1.50 PM, SW1

Adaptive Music and Interactive Audio

The course focuses on game audio, i.e. design, production, and implementation of sound effects and music in video games.


Project Assignments

Please pick two out of the following three. They’re due at the end of the semester (week 14). We’ll have a

  • Write a simple sound synthesizer for Unreal Engine or Unity and use it in a game
    • 3+ different sounds sources with articulation
    • 1+ one-shot
    • 1+ sustained
  • Assemble an audio bank, implement FMOD Studio / Wwise project, integrate in a video game
    • 1+ vehicle sound with articulation
    • 3+ sustained sounds
    • Footsteps (or similar locomotion sounds) on at least 2 different surfaces
  • Design and implement a simple adaptive music soundtrack
    • 10+ minutes of length
    • 3+ different pieces of location-based music
    • 1+ combat/boss music scene with PvP adaptive music layout


Software for this course was financially supported by the OP VVV project „Zvýšení kvality vzdělávání na UK a jeho relevance pro potřeby trhu práce“ kept under number CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_015/0002362.