Game User Experience (Winter 2021/22)


This course is primarily focused on the basics of players experience, Game user Research and psychology of video games. We will talk about various ways how to analyze games, their effects on players (mostly from psychological perspective), what types of data you can get from your players to answer some of your questions during the development etc.


Follow the appropriate channel at Gamedev Discord!

or contact me via email


Lectures: Tuesdays, 10:40, S6 (we start 5.10.2021)

Labs: Tuesdays, 10:40, S6 (we start 5.10.2021)

All the lectures and labs will happen physically. However, some of the lectures (if possible) will be streamed. I will send you appropriate links through email.



To be able to attend the exam, you have to have at least 60 points from the assignments and the attendance.

Then, you can get 40 points for the exam.

Grade A 91 – 100 points
Grade B 81 – 90 points
Grade C 71 – 80 points

1) 5 small assignments, each for 5 points
2) 2 large assignments, each for 15 points
3) 12 lesson participation, each for 1 point (based on our collaborative doc)


Oral exam for 25 minutes. I will ask you about three concepts from the lectures and labs and we will talk about them + additional related questions. They will be selected from the summaries I send you after each lesson and from the tasks.

Lectures + Labs

Lectures are happening physically. During the lecture, we will usually also do some quick collaboration in the shared documents or I will send you some materials, so be ready for that (device-wise).

Ask your questions during the lecture or anytime on our Discord channel.

After each lecture, I will send you a quick summary.

Disclaimer: The following schedule is preliminary, it will change depending on our guest lecturers, Covid situation etc.

Lectures Schedule

No. Date Topic  Concepts to remember
1. 5.10.2021 What is GUR + User experience vs Players experience
  1. Player experience vs user experience
  2. What is GUR?
  3. QA vs GUR
  4. GUR and video game companies
  5. Typical phases of GUR
2. 12.10.2021 Case studies – examples of empirical studies focused on video games + RVA analysis
3. 19.10.2021 Players psychology (guest lecture)
4. 26.10.2021 Loss Aversion; UX Text, surveys
5. 2.11.2021 Heuristic methods + RITE analysis + reporting
 6. 9.11.2021 Eyetracker and its potential (guest lecture)
7. 16.11.2021 Players Profilings + techniques + gameplay analysis
8. 23.11.2021 Game Experience + psychological models + GUESS
9. 30.11.2021 Telemetry + Post Launch of Video Games
10. 7.12.2021 Effects of video games on players – what do we know?

(psychological perspective)

11. 14.12.2021 Accessibility and Inclusivity
12 21.12.2021 TBA


The practical part of your labs are assignments.

You are expected to deliver assignments on time to get the expected amount of points.  Requirements and specification for all assignments will be send to you after each respective lecture with deadlines.

List of the announced Assignments

Assignment 1 – will be defined 12.10.2021