Seminar on Human-like Artificial Agents (Summer 2016/17)

This page contains presentations for Seminar on Human-like Artificial Agents (NAIL082) course that is/has been taught during winter term of 2016/2017 at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The seminar is/was backed up by Cyril Brom and Jakub Gemrot (



How to get credits

  • You must attend the seminar regularly
    • If you’re late (more than 5 minutes) and you have not excused one day prior to the seminar, you will have to buy 1l of juice for the rest of us as compensation 😉
  • You must give at least one presentation on a chosen topic
  • If the need arises, you will have to participate in some experiment (e.g. evaluating software or project of your colleague)