Seminar on Human-like Artificial Agents (Winter 2017/18)

This page contains presentations for Seminar on Human-like Artificial Agents (NAIL082) course that is/has been taught during winter semester of 2017/2018 at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The seminar is/was backed up by Cyril Brom and Jakub Gemrot (


Previous seminars: 2016 Winter, 2017 Summer


Mondays, 17:20, S8

How to get credits

  • You must attend the seminar regularly
    • If you’re late (more than 5 minutes) and you have not excused one day prior to the seminar, you will have to buy 1l of juice for the rest of us as compensation 😉
  • You must give at least one presentation on a chosen topic
  • If the need arises, you will have to participate in some experiment (e.g., evaluating software or project of your colleague)


Date Who Type Presentation
12.1.2018 Merve Tuncel GameDev Seminar Stardew Valley Background Research
12.1.2018 Josephine Ortgies GameDev Seminar Myriad – PCG Game Project Post-mortem
8.1.2018 Jan Palášek Bc. Thesis Status Report Warlight Game + AI
8.1.2018 Denis Šijanov Bc. Thesis Status Report EvoTanks
8.1.2018 Radim Bufka Bc. Thesis Status Report Behavior Design Language for Java
8.1.2018 František Dostál Bc. Thesis Status Report Automating StarCraft: Brood War – Opening Build Order
8.1.2018 Tomáš Guth Jarkovský Bc. Thesis Status Report Physically Responsive Gadgets for VR
11.12.2017 Ondřej Nepožitek Bc. Thesis Status Report PCG for RPG Dungeons
11.12.2017 Tereza Kotěšovcová Bc. Thesis Status Report Psychological Experiments in VR
11.12.2017 Kamil Závorka Bc. Thesis Status Report Spelunky AI
6.12.2017 Hynek Schlindenbuch MSc. Thesis Status Report Deepstack for General Game Playing
27.11.2017 Michal Fibich Bc. Thesis Status Report MMORTS Framework
20.11.2017 Jan Vegricht Bc. Thesis Status Report PCG for RPG Dungeons (a.evolution)
13.11.2017 Katya Nikonova Bc. Thesis Status Report Angry Birds AI
13.11.2017 Adrián Kormoš Bc. Thesis Status Report Tower Defense Kit for Unity
6.11.2017 Martin Modrák Senior Researcher Presentation Bayes statistics
30.10.2017 Jakub Mifek Bc. Thesis Status Report Classic Card Games
30.10.2017 Martin Červeň Bc. Thesis Status Report Go for Non-standard Topologies
23.10.2017 Pavel Šmejkal MSc. Thesis Status Report Children of Galaxy AI
23.10.2017 Šimon Stachura Bc. Thesis Status Report Generating Counter-decks for Hearthstone
16.10.2017 Vojtěch Černý MSc. Thesis Status Report Generating Endless-runner Games