Seminar on Computer Games Development (Winter 2018/19)

This page contains details about Seminar on Computer Games Development (NSWI158) that has been organized during winter semester of 2018/2019 at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The seminar is/was organized by Jakub Gemrot ( and Lukáš Kolek.

The seminar is filled with 2-3h workshops focusing on various skills/tools that helps with game development. Workshops are always backed by skilled people outside of the faculty to promote networking (workshops are great informal places where you can chat with people involved with actual gamedev).

Seminars will also be public – but they will be of a limited capacity. If you sign up for the seminar, you ensure that you book your seat 😉


History: 2018 Summer


Usually Fridays 15:40-18:50 at SW1 or S9 … and then … beer time! I mean Q&A 🙂

Seminar Terms

You must attend at 50% of workshops organized during the seminar. Each workshop is targeted to gain elementary proficiency in some game development area and/or some tool in particular.

Seminar Workshops Schedule

Date Time Room Presenter Affiliation Topic Tool Links
10.10.2018 18:00-19:30 S9 Georg Hobmeier
Rares Cristian Filip Chirita
Causa Creations
Global Game Jam Bucharest
Game Dev Talks #5 Page
16.11.2018 16:30-19:00 S9 Jaroslav ‘Jarník’ Meloun Dreadlocks Game Jamming Pen&Paper Game Design FB Event