Seminar on Human-like Artificial Agents (Summer 2019/20)


This page contains presentations for Seminar on Human-like Artificial Agents (NAIL082) course that is/has been taught during summer semester of 2019/2020 at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The seminar is/was backed up by Cyril Brom and Jakub Gemrot (

History: 2016 Winter, 2017 Summer, 2017 Winter, 2018 Summer2018 Winter, 2019 Summer, 2019 Winter

Dates (SIS)

Mondays, 17:20, S10

Seminar Terms

  • You must attend the seminar regularly
    • If you’re late (more than 5 minutes) and you have not excused one day prior to the seminar, you will have to buy handful of candies for the rest of us as compensation 😉
  • You must give two presentations on a chosen topic
    • The first is a lecture about some digital artifact (typically some framework or library doing cool stuff)
      • Optimal schedule is
        • T-4 work days (~Tuesday): read the paper and create a presentation explaining the stuff
        • T-3 work days (~Wednesday): download the artifact and figure out how to build/run/use it
        • T-2 work days (~Thursday): prepare the tutorial, submit both slides and the tutorial to Jakub Gemrot (, sign-up for GitLab group
        • T-1 work day (~Friday): submit the tutorial to GitLab repository
        • T0 (~ Monday): present the paper, carry out the tutorial
    • The second is typically a report about the state of your bachelor/master thesis
  • You must act as an opponent for one presentation about your colleague’s bachelor/master thesis
  • If the need arises, you will have to participate in some experiment (e.g., evaluating software or a project of your colleague)

Digital Artifacts to Choose from

Paper Links Presenter
GIGL: A Domain Specific Language for Procedural Content Generation with Grammatical Representations. Tiannan Chen and Stephen Guy. (2018) Paper
Petr Šimůnek
Keeping the Story Straight: A Comparison of Commitment Strategies for a Social Deduction Game. Markus Eger and Chris Martens. (2018) Paper Patrik Smelík
CatSAT: A Practical, Embedded, SAT Language for Runtime PCG. Ian Horswill. (2018) Paper Ondřej Čakloš
Player Experience Extraction from Gameplay Video. Zijin Luo, Matthew Guzdial, Nicholas Liao and Mark Riedl. (2018) Paper
Exploratory Automated Analysis of Structural Features of Interactive Narrative. Nathan Partlan, Elin Carstensdottir, Sam Snodgrass, Erica Kleinman, Gillian M. Smith, Casper Harteveld and Magy Seif El-Nasr. (2018) Paper
Talin: A Framework for Dynamic Tutorials based on the Skill Atoms Theory. Batu Aytemiz, Jesse Harder, Isaac Karth, Adam M. Smith and Jim Whitehead. (2018) Paper Adrián Kormoš
Modelling Player Understanding of Non-Player Character Paths. Mengxi Xoey Zhang and Clark Verbrugge. (2018) Paper Tomáš Zeman
VERTIGØ: Visualisation of Rolling Horizon Evolutionary Algorithms in GVGAI (2018) Paper Julius Flimmel
Generating Paths with WFC (2018) Paper Jiří Berný
Analysis of Statistical Forward Planning Methods in Pommerman, Diego Perez Liebana, Raluca Gaina, Olve Drageset, Ercument Ilhan, Martin Balla and Simon Lucas (2019) Paper
Multi-Agent Narrative Experience Management as Story Graph Pruning, Stephen Ware, Edward Garcia, Alireza Shirvani and Rachelyn Farrell (2019) Paper
Conference on Games 2019 Proceedings try to find some
Computational Intelligence in Games Proceedings try to find some

Structure of the Paper Presentation

  1. Summarize what the paper talks about, what is its take-home-message (10-15 minutes)
  2. Critically feedback the writing of the paper (5 minutes), e.g.:
    1. They claimed something at the beginning, that they did not deliver;
    2. the hypothesis was clear but the experiment is not designed so it may bring fruitful data;
    3. the data reported, when you try to interpret them, is not supporting the discussion within the paper;
    4. is the experiment replicable?
  3. Do the tutorial (rest of the seminar)


Seminar Schedule

Date Note Presenter Type Presentation Opponent
17.2.2020 Seminar welcome session Vojtěch Černý Tutorial PCG for Minecraft
24.2.2020 Digital Artifacts – Round 1 N/A
2.3.2020 Digital Artifacts – Round 2 Matouš Kozma RPG Encounters
9.3.2020 Digital Artifacts – Round 3 Petr Šimůnek Tutorial GIGL
16.3.2020 Digital Artifacts – Round 4 Ondřej Nepožitek Tutorial
23.3.2020 Digital Artifacts – Round 5 Jiří Berný Tutorial WFC Repo
30.3.2020 Cancelled
6.4.2020 Digital Artifacts – Round 6 Adrián Kormoš Tutorial Repo
More on skill atoms
13.4.2020 Easter Holidays
20.4.2020 Digital Artifacts – Round 7 Julius Flimmel Tutorial Vertigo
27.4.2020 Presentations – Round 1 Petr Šimůnek Thesis report
Vojta Černý PCG PCG
4.5.2020 Presentations – Round 2 Adrián Kormoš Thesis report Slides
Jiří Berný Thesis report
Ondřej Čakloš Thesis report did not happen 
7.5.2020 Submission of Msc. Theses
11.5.2020 Presentations – Round 3 Patrik Smelík Thesis report
Julius Flimmel Thesis report
Tomáš Zeman Tutorial
18.5.2020 Digital Artifacts – Round 8.1 Tomáš Zeman Thesis report
Digital Artifacts – Round 8.2 Ondřej Čakloš Tutorial
18.5.2020 Submission of Bc. Theses
25.5.2020 Digital Artifact – Round 9 Patrik Smelík Tutorial
28.5.2020 Submission of Msc. Theses
Digital version
4.6.2020 Submission of Bc. Theses
Digital version